• Neutrinos as a gateway to the Dark Sector: Seminar Talk (INPA Seminar , LBNL, Berkeley, CA)

  • Dark Matter - neutrino scattering at the Galactic Center

      Presented at:

    • Poster: MANTS 2024, Bochum, Germany, March 2024

    • Parallel Talk: IceCube Collaboration Meeting Spring 2024, Münster, Germany, March 2024


  • Dark Matter - neutrino scattering at the Galactic Center

    Evidence for the existence of dark matter strongly motives the efforts to study its unknown properties. Additionally, the origin of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos detected by IceCube remains uncertain. If dark matter and neutrinos couple to each other, we can search for a non-zero elastic scattering cross section. The interaction between an isotropic extragalactic neutrino flux and dark matter would be concentrated in the Galactic Center, where the dark matter column density is largest. The flux of high-energy neutrinos would be attenuated by this scattering and the resulting signal, with correlated energy and arrival direction, can be observed in IceCube. Using the seven years of IceCube data, we perform an unbinned likelihood analysis, searching for several potential DM-neutrino interaction scenarios.


  • Dark Matter decay to neutrinos

    Dark matter (DM) particles are predicted to decay into Standard Model particles which would produce signals of neutrinos, gamma-rays, and other secondary particles. Neutrinos provide an avenue to probe astrophysical sources of DM particles. We review the decay of dark matter into neutrinos over a range of dark matter masses from MeV/c2 to ZeV/c2. We examine the expected contributions to the neutrino flux at current and upcoming neutrino and gamma-ray experiments, such as Hyper-Kamiokande, DUNE, CTA, TAMBO, and IceCube Gen-2. We consider galactic and extragalactic signals of decay processes into neutrino pairs, yielding constraints on the dark matter decay lifetime that ranges from tau ∼ 1.2×1021 s at 10 MeV/c2 to 1.5x1029 s at 1 PeV/c2.

      Presented at:

    • Parallel Talk: Dark Ghosts, University of Granada, Spain, March 2022

    • Parallel Talk: APS April Meeting, New York, April 2022

    • Poster: Neutrino2022 Conference, Seoul, Korea, May 2022 (Online)

    • Poster: ICHEP 2022 Conference, Bologna, Italy, July 2022

    • Seminar Talk: NBIA Neutrino Summer School, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2022

    • Seminar Talk: International School of Nuclear Physics 43rd Course, Erice, Sicily, Italy, September 2022


  • Dark Matter decay to neutrinos (Parallel Talk): TevPa, Chengdu, China, October 2021 (Online)

      Other talks of this project:

    • Poster: Astro Dark, KAVLI IPMU, Tokyo, Japan, December 2021 (Online)

    • Parallel Talk: ComHEP, Colombia, December 2021 (Online)


  • Top quark mass measurement from b-jet energy spectrum at 13 TeV (Plenary Talk): CMSDAS, Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab), Batavia, IL., January 2020


  • Strain gauge measurements of carbon fiber Dee for the CMS Phase-2 Upgrade of the Tracker Forward Pixel Detector (Poster): SPS PhysCon Conference, Providence, RI., November 2019

  • CMS Froward Tracker Pixel Detector Mechanical and Thermal Testing (Plenary Talk): Physics Sympossium, UPRM Physics Department, September 2019

  • CMS DPOA-ReANA Reproducible Analyis (Plenary Talk): JTM/PRISM Conference, May 2019

  • On-Demand Distributed Workflows for Physics Analysis at CMS Experiment (Poster): APS April Meeting, Denver, CO., April 2019

  • Open Data Analysis Undergraduate Thesis Presentation (Plenary Talk): UPRM Physics Department, January 2019

  • CMS DPOA-ReANA Reproducible Analysis (Poster): APS CUWIP Meeting, Northwestern University, January 2019


  • On-Demand Distributed Workflows for Physics Analysis at CMS Experiment (Plenary Talk): CERN, December 2018

  • CMS DPOA-ReANA Reproducible Analyis (Poster): CERN, August 2018